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Did you book your own stay in Mallorca? Rent a top quality Ridley road bike.

In Ca'n Pastilla, Port de Pollença and Can Picafort you can pick up your bike in our bike shop. If you are staying somewhere else on Mallorca, we will make an appointment to deliver the bike to you (on request). When making the booking you can indicate the location of your stay.

You can always walk into our shops to rent a bike, but to be certain we have availability we recommend booking in advance.

Addresses of the shops:
Can Pastilla: Carrer del Vaixell, 2, 07610
Port de Pollença: Carrer de la Nansa, 6, 07470
Opening hours March to mid-June and September to October:
Ca'n Pastilla:
di-sun 09:00-13:00 + 16:00-19:00 & Mon 09:00-13:00 + 18:00-19:00
Port de Pollença: Tuesday-Sun 9:00-19:00 & Mon 9:00-13:00 + 17:00-19:00

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